T Shirts, Buttons, Music...

The Black T Shirt

I get a lot of my inspiration from growing up outside of DC and attending punk rock shows. All of these shows were DIY and each band sold T Shirts with their logo ironed on. There was something special about the simplicity. This shirt has that vibe in my opinion.  

The Button

This design is from my first record "In Between". The record was my first departure into the sound of Jake Knox. It is about not being EDM enough for EDM, not being hip hop enough for hip hop, and not being rock enough for rock. This button symbolizes the In Between. I wear it on my backpack when touring, where will you put it?

And More!!!

So heres the scoop. We all use streaming platforms! It is an amazing way to send music out in the world, and more importantly, its how we met! BUT services like spotify, or apple only pay 0.004 per song stream. Which means it's impossible to survive on streams alone. That is why this store is so important. With out merch sales, there wouldn't be "Pressure", "Fixer", or "Better Parts". That being said, I appreciate your help and suppport. I hope you find something you like!